Elhew Diamond Girl


We would like to thank legendary dog trainer and handler Earl Crangle for allowing us to purchase her.  I would also like to thank Gary Ryun of Lineville, Iowa for accepting the challenge of putting the finishing touch on "Star". 

Star will run this Fall as a open shooting dog (2 days out of Derby) and Tiny will run as a puppy and since Tiny has developed so fast.  We will be running Tiny in the derbies also.  Star and Tiny are steady to wing and shot.  Tremendous style on point and honoring plus they handle perfectly!  I really appreciate the great job Gary has done with them. 

He has the ability to break a dog to wing and shot with ease and keeping the dog style and intensity on point!  He's one of the most gifted birddog trainers out there today! 

Again thanks Gary!

Star's Winnings May '06 - 2nd Iowa National Bird Hunters Amateur Shooting Dog November '05 - 2nd Amateur Shooting Dog, South East Kansas, National Bird Hunters

Star is no longer with us but her legend lives through Sadie by Bart.
I think it might be the best I've bred so far.

...at 8 months

...at 14 months

Earl Crangle with Star's Mother

Elhew Malinche


Breeding for the discriminating bird hunter who wants a bird dog with outstanding CLASS!