Article excerpts from the American Field Magazine written by Dr. Pat McInteer titled
​"Tails and More"

List of owners who have bought offspring or hunt with Bart and others :

Victor (515) 778-8078
Gary Ryun (515) 490-6393
Nancy Whitehead - Photographer and Author of  "In The Field" ( a real masterpiece!!) (208) 481-0034
Walt (612) 756-4543
Robert White (660) 347-5959
Jim Henderson (406) 581-9729
Steve Peterson (218) 849-2238
Dr. Vince (515) 270-2111

The Keller's write..."Here's Jed!!  What a dog!!

Pictured at 9 months after we had him for a month.  We just love him and he's a natural retriever with soft mouth and has a great nose and breath taking on point!

This is the 2nd pointer we bought from Steve and Michelle.  When we visited their kennel and others on our trip to MO 2 years ago they were the only one to offer to hunt over their dogs on their training trip to Canada that fall.

We were interested in buying a pup from Bart and Elhew Diamond Girl.  We hunted and helped with their young dogs in Canada.  We had a great time and fell in love with Tag.  When we got home we called to buy Tag and the first thing they said is, 'You'll give her a good home!' Tag turned out to be a great Chukar dog!"

See ya this fall!

Bill & Joyce

(208) 896-5844

Jed  (Elhew Diamond Girl x Bart

Recently Sold...

Our breeding program is set at extremely high standards we only breed females that are my personal gun dogs that hunt with extreme style, great noses, natural retrievers, honor naturally, and have that wanting to please attitude. Great personality!! The female and stud dog must have a square rear leg set. No cow hocked dogs (cow hocked dogs with age results in torn or stretched ACL).

Also, we only breed to females outside of our kennel that have their hips X-rayed and are right.  Another thing we DO NOT do is clipping the tips of our puppies tails at birth to prevent curly tail pointers at maturity. The poorly done ones look like a short hair or a squared off tail !! The puppy mill mentality breeders are doing this. 

Our pups dew claws are removed, wormed weekly, well socialized, and walked daily. We recommend picking your pup at 6 - 8 weeks. Pups are vaccinated between 5 - 6 weeks for Parvo and are given a health check by the vet.  As well as along with a dog collar and Field of Dream Pointer hat. We just try to do it right.      ~ Steve   

Breeding for the discriminating bird hunter who wants a bird dog with outstanding CLASS!
"Here’s some pictures of Jill at 12 weeks.  She has a ton of drive and hits the brush harder than any puppy that I have ever seen in my life.  Most experienced dogs won’t attack the cover like she does.  Like Jed, she is going to be the real deal.  We can hardly wait for you to see her hunt.  Keep up your great breeding program and be well."

Bill and Joyce


     Recent articles in the American Field concerning high-tailed dogs and the effect of the high tail on the lumbosacral joint interests me.  Several persons have asked my opinion on this matter.

    My answer is that I really do not know whether high tails contribute to arthritis of the lumbosacral joint.  What I do know is that arthritis of the lumboscral joint, with or without disc disease, is a very common lesion in all sizes and all breeds of dogs.   In pointing dogs, the effects of lumbosacral disease will often cause a lowering of the tail level while running and / or on point.

     Anterior cruciate ligament tear probably has a genetic weakness component based on the number of incidence seen where the other leg is affected after the first (cruciate tear) leg.  Breeding dogs with torn ACLs probably contributes to the higher incidence we are seeing at this time and I do NOT recommend using dogs with ACL ruptures for breeding.

     I feel that too much emphasis is placed on the 12:00 tail.  Judges without adequate bird dog experience often look at the tail, disregarding race, bird-finding ability, stamina, use of the wind, etc.