Breeding for the discriminating bird hunter who wants a bird dog with outstanding CLASS!

Welcome to Field of Dreams English Pointers!  Our birddogs are rich in Elhew (Elhew Seahorse) on the top side and on the bottom side by noted winners and sires of field trailer winners Fiddlin' Rocky Boy, Slate Creek Doc, Fiddler, Wahoo's Trouble Doc and Miller Chief.   They are bred for the discriminating bird hunter who wants a dog with outstanding CLASS!

High intelligence, easy trainability with a wanting to please attitude.  The run with a gliding gait, busting cover while carrying a high head and cracking tail.  They point with extreme style - high head and tail and honor with the same intensity.  It doesn't cost anymore to feed a dog of this caliber as it does to plug.  I have hunted these dogs in the brush county of western Oklahoma, the western plains of Kansas and Nebraska and the grouse woods of northern Minnesota and Maine.  It's been a real joy!

Chip and Brutus and all our Brood Bitches are DNA tested so you will be assured of their parentage.