"I love the honesty of the dog of Steve's! Doc loves to retrieve, stylish on point, solid forward moving fellow and just a lovely well-bred dog with a wonderful temperament!", commented the legendary sporting dog photographer Nancy Whitehead.

Doc at 20 months, Quail hunting in KS

Doc Quail hunting in TX

Doc at 6 months,

Grouse hunting in MN

We had two litters due the end of Nov to Doc, 1st to Brandy and
2nd to Sally. 

If you want an English Pointer of super, quality reserve your pup now!  Stop by and we'll show them on birds and you'll be impressed. Bob Crozier worked Doc as pup and said my Doc reminded him more of old Doc than any dog he has seen yet. He said he was the real deal!!! Thanks, Bob!

Doc is sired by the legend CH Slate Creek Doc who has been dead for about 25 years.  He sired a lot of great field trail and bird dogs in the late 1980's. Doc's dam is Cindy who is sired by Elhew Seahorse. Cindy was one of my all time great bird dogs. Did  it all naturally and with great style and handled like a charm.  She also produced some great bird dogs!!! So Doc is breed to be great and he is!! I call Doc my "Masterpiece".

He has prefect conformation, great nose, smooth as silk on the ground, cover busting machine retrieves naturally with a soft mouth and honors with extreme style!  He has that loving personality and the wanting to please attitude.  Yes, he is passing this on to his offspring!   We had his hips X-rayed...prefect!! 

Doc the "Masterpiece"

Breeding for the discriminating bird hunter who wants a bird dog with outstanding CLASS!